Mar 23 2018 – Whitley Strieber series

Gary Lachman’s ‘In Search of P.D. Ouspensky’: Gurdjieff manipulating different sides of Ouspensky; Ouspensky giving up on the ‘work’, saying ‘there is no system’; Gurdjieff reworking Ouspensky’s ideas, parallels in Strieber; Strieber’s concept of viewing human life ‘outside of time’, time having a shape, taken directly from Ouspensky; Strieber as reader of Ouspensky; time as a dimension of space vs. time as change within spatial dimension; Ouspensky’s unique concept transformed into Strieber’s ‘tapestry of memory’; Strieber appropriating, presenting other’s ideas wholesale; Strieber basing his biblical interpretations on Maurice Nicoll’s ‘The Mark’ and ‘The New Man’

Ouspensky’s ‘Tertium Organum’, the status of Ouspensky’s oeuvre; Ouspensky’s interest in Tarot of Marseilles taken on by Strieber; the Tarot as ‘philosophical machine’; Ouspensky’s dimensions holding to one another in strict analogy; tendency of auto-didacts to steal ideas

Questions about Strieber’s latest Journal: Unknown Country and Politics:

Strieber’s claims about his ‘implant’; new mythology built around the implant; Strieber’s ever-vaster claims: blog page:

No previous mention in Strieber’s work of ‘plan of contact; developed between spouses to contact one another after death; no evidence that Strieber only came to ‘believe’ in afterlife in the 1990s; Strieber’s ongoing fabrication of his own mythology; Anne Strieber and her ‘bubbling’ presence: same word (‘bubbling’) used to describe Master of the Key

Strieber singling out Jeremy Vaeni for special praise, a limited place in Strieber’s mythology; Strieber’s dependence on Vaeni for website material and as defender; Vaeni’s desire to be taken as credible authority and to get close to the Great Man; Vaeni’s feuds in UFOlogy disguised as crusades for justice; ‘The Paracast’, David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins; Vaeni’s desire to be an opinion maker; Vaeni leading the charge against “Problems with Strieber and The Key”

The absence of Strieber’s son, Andrew Strieber; statements of support for Strieber and his ‘sincerity’; the negative review on ‘The Afterlife Revolution’ on Amazon; Raven Dana, Marla Frees, Ed Conroy, Jeff Kripal; none can defend Strieber against clear evidence of confabulation, only providing character witness; bankrupt defenses only intended to keep Strieber followers in line; Unknown Country as dying enterprise; death of the forum; movement to Facebook and Twitter to promote content

Dysfunction in spiritual groups, false motives; reciprocal abuse; basic organizational problems; Strieber’s unique role as deceiver: lip service to keeping question open, opposing fantasies and self-deception while engaging in convoluted self-deceptive fantasy; gut reaction to Strieber and his work: BS positioning itself as anti-BS; identifying specific forms of BS while advancing more subtle, self-serving BS; Strieber’s literary talent and intelligence providing no protection

The public harm of Unknown Country; “Problems with Strieber and The Key” and its reception; identifying Strieber’s confabulations, inferring a psychological picture; Ed Conroy’s recurring chapter titles; the disappearance of Strieber’s work; life’s cumulative disappointments; heroes who are self-refuting; learning from disappointments; the basic unreliability of people; Wikipedia on Ouspensky; philosophy as creative speculation or fiction raised to the level of art

Lacan and Lacanian psychoanalysis: infinitely unsatisfactory answers that appear to be correct; Nietzsche as preferred thinker: his voice, his originality, his insights, and the aesthetic of the heroic; all thinkers products of time and place, all become dated; Nietzsche vs. Lacan; philosophy vs. psychoanalysis; Lacan as virtuoso thinker providing appalling insights; impossible object-cause of desire; when innermost private thoughts are biggest BS; when destiny is nothing but accident; traversing the fantasy and ending up precisely nowhere; maturity of outlook

The challenge of parapsychology to psychoanalysis; Dean Radin’s experiments: consciousness vs. randomness; God, aliens, synchronicity; drawing the boundaries between consciousness and physical world; chance doesn’t exist vs. chance is all that exists

Recorded March 23, 2018

Jun 09 2017 – Whitley Strieber series: Reaction to “Problems with Strieber and The Key”

Whitley Strieber, Jeremy Vaeni, bad faith; criticizing Strieber equaling anti-Semitic neo-Nazism; daring to question the Great Man; bad experiences with Strieber; Strieber’s Journal “Attacks on The Key”; Strieber’s self-parodizing; Strieber as omnisicient; Robert M. Price, Bible Geek’s take on “The Key”

The Master of the Key’s delivery; speaking at the speed of thought; the ‘true encounter’ as a mental event, as imagination; Strieber’s Blue Book; Strieber, Vaeni bellyaching and hypocrisy at UFO world existing as ghetto; investment in Strieber as authority; Strieber and Vaeni discouraging followers from reading paper; soft religion at

Strieber’s narcissism; self-creation of Strieber as unique figure in world history; invention of personal mythos; Strieber’s self-serving ‘tells’ in writing; passing over self-serving statements in silence

Strieber profoundly unaware of his own work; Strieber as author as separate persona; dubious background of “The Path”; imagination as distinct cognitive mode; imagination marked by multiple orientations to ‘events’; Strieber taking from Ouspensky; Strieber’s Joseph Stein story; Strieber’s capacity for dissembling, mental flexibility; Strieber’s multiple versions of the ‘true encounter’

Reading for entertainment vs. reading critically; Vaeni and as enablers; ad hominems, arguments to authority; simultaneously claiming a hyperdimensional encounter and a word-for-word transcription; Strieber backpedaling, saying never made truth-claims about the encounter

Jeremy Vaeni, UFO jihadi: hypnosis, Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs; scorched earth on other frauds, refusal to see Strieber as confabulator; censorship of “The Key” saga as nonsense; Vaeni, absence of integrity; as ghetto within the UFO ghetto; victimhood cult in UFOlogy,; taking the time to untangle Strieber’s confusions

The quiet blessing of Strieber’s marginalization; Strieber in a disclosure scenario; separating UFO issue from one person’s BS; taking Strieber’s texts as texts; lack of critical academic work on Strieber; Kripal taking themes from Strieber

Strieber’s disingenuous defense; tying criticisms of Strieber to holocaust denial; Jeff Rense; the hypocrisy of the outcasts; cumulative argument in “Problems with Strieber and The Key”; Strieber rooting the text in an actual event, denying it later; Strieber having it both ways, advocating multiple positions as caveats to avoid criticism

Underlying contempt for his readership; the fantasy of being righteous crusaders, victims in a cause; Strieber’s paranoia; Strieber’s fantasies of Nazi diplomats; the question of Strieber’s real experiences; “The Conversation” as a text; the lack of natural reaction of the “Whitley” character in “The Conversation”

Strieber nearing the end of his career; now an authority on the afterlife; channeling Anne Strieber using his own words, concepts; neither belief nor debunking but pointing out human BS

Recorded Jun 09 2017

Strieber’s absurd defense with comments by his fans: (Comments by paper’s author all subsequently removed by Strieber or webmaster)