Jun 27a 2015

Topless sunbathing culture and American imperialism; breasts oppressed in the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy; police functions and toplessness

Philosophy’s rejection of mysticism; the central place of demonstration; metaphysics as the mythology of the mathematical; the colonization of wisdom traditions by formalism; the dominance of logic: reason as formalism; logic in the Stoic period; 20th century philosophy as academic social practice

Cultural logic and meditation; demonstration vs. transmission; traditions and counter-traditions; philosophy bounded by political and cultural limits; the role of Christianity, stamping out ‘heresies’ and assumption of Empire; equating the mystical with the demonic; the construction of the Satan figure; Ha-Satan as adversary, functionary-like prosecutor vs. Zoroastrian ‘demonic’ Satan

Malachi Martin and exorcism; transcendent good and evil and personal fear; social organization around the objet petit a; denying the very thing wanted when it becomes actual; when something becomes real it is disruptive: sci-fi buffs’ hatred of UFOs and stage magicians’ hatred of psychic phenomena; scientists vs. UFOs; the scientific method as practice

Strieber’s colonization/disempowerment analogy; the theater in the sky, an explanation; the Japanese example; permanent disenfranchisement; colonized peoples and alien institutions; Greece and the EU; the Inuit in Greenland: suicide, drug use; the Irish; the poverty of the Greer ‘disclosure’ scenario and galactic space brothers; self-contempt and alienation; an orgy of violence; possible biological responses to closure of destiny, a species in its death throes; the global Judenrat

How the US manages the global cover-up; the divine right of kings, the divinity of kings; the mystical basis of political power; the US benefits from its overlap with the UFO phenomenon, gains another basis for its own political power

Direct control of political figures; Marla Frees and a ‘structure’ in the Middle East to precede worldwide collapse; McKenna, passivity toward History, the a prioris of political activism; the true meaning of skepticism; the fantasy of activism and the world as ghetto

The powerlessness of the US presidency; Carter and atonement; Obama the sadist; discovering that the presidency has no power and compensating for the fact; the myth of the powerful presidency and its function; how the president is controlled; how the presidency organizes itself, the need for a core group of loyalists; the American ‘civil service’, its infiltration by clandestine agencies; power meaning total paranoia

Recorded Jun 27 2015


Jun 25 2015

Discussing the experience from Jun 20 2015: Trio; drunk conversation; the analyst not listening and watching conversations; the question of the Tarot cards; simplicity, the ego; not integrating experiences; whether UFOs are hallucinations of a species in its death throes; avoiding simplicity, academic discourse as warfare; the State as reflection of agriculture, a ‘simple’ perspective

Gurdjieff work, acquiring observations about oneself, self-remembering and the ‘chief feature’; whores; the visitor’s possible dilemma: how to relate to the dying

The invisible effects of contact; we are hidden from ourselves; the disproportion between effort and effect in visitor contact; information downloads into abductees, direct vs indirect effects; Stan Romanek’s equations

Truth and spontaneity; most scientific, academic product bullshit; news vs. events; knowledge as social practice; visitors trying to wake us from the dream; gurus

Discourse on drinking; attacked at the pub; bedbugs in ambulances; reasons to stay at home; meditation

Recorded Jun 25 2015


Jun 20c 2015: Trio

E-mailing Linda Moulton Howe, receiving a message from the Other: the monolith; assholes, the ‘inside’ of the conspiracy, and not forgetting the psychological; the fallacy of the notion of the all-powerful and religious thinking

Interactions with beings in Long Island: three-feet-tall people on the roof, running around in the backyard; telepathic viral marketing: don’t look up; fucking with people; the ‘Trickster’ and ordinary pathologies; law enforcement, feelings of power; secrecy continuing by virtue of participants being meatheads, pathological urges consistent with institutional tendencies

Origin stories of the secrecy, inner vs. outside culture, traditions and doctrines of an elect, symbols; accidental compassion, norm vs. exception; extraterrestrials and deep state; the intimacy of violence and the technically true; the demands of the aliens; religiosity on the inside of the conspiracy; fascinating experiences producing fascinating people vs. the civilization from which they are drawn; the sadism of the conspiracy and pouring more gin

Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson: functionaries and media figures; science as ideology and illiteracy in the intellectual vanguard; philosophy discounted, the absence of polymaths; the burning of souls; late capitalism demanding specialization; Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’ and the rationales for secrecy; American tribal politics, the post-literate age; whether genius is governing on any level

Confronting the Other and the effect(s) on the ego; whether those on the inside are humbled; reports of advanced alien intelligence; how challenges to the ego are reacted to; Suzuki and spiritual liberation in killing Japan’s enemies; practice and view; imagining the inside from outside; encountering vastly greater intelligence shaking or defeating one’s confidence

How the ‘visitors’ regard economics, political science: incomprehension, bewilderingly complex; unnecessary and ‘escaping the simplicity of the situation’; visitor experiences and how colored they are by Strieber’s; cultural mediation of experience in the broadest sense; experiences out-of-sync with Strieber’s

The Tarot card experience; two 3-card lays, one single-card lay; minor arcana used, Marseilles deck not used; goading one into outdoor meditation, not wanting to go; closing one’s eyes to sleep and seeing only their faces; a year of contact, the suburbs; footsteps of small beings in the attic

Compassion for trapped beings in underground facilities, outpouring of emotion, feedback loops; what was gained; experiences of precognition meaning the mind is not the brain, the idea of surrender, the sense of mystery, concern for the earth — an open question

Recorded Jun 20 2015


Jun 20b 2015

Gurdjieff: essence vs. personality; Trickster as secular superstition; Jungian archetypes as watered-down Platonism; the State as artifact of agriculture, management of wealth; Jane Goodall ‘negotiating’ with gorillas; public discourse as sublated warfare, the ego as treasured object; the ego as appendix or defect

Strieber’s overlooked contribution to overall picture of aliens: predation – erotics of death – the feral; Strieber’s pissing alien; the pleasant fantasy of the inherent worth of the individual; the nightmare of losing one’s identity; Gurdjieff’s view that not everyone is conscious; consciousness as transconsciousness; the uniformity of collective action in the aliens, highly ordered division of labor

Breaking down the ego: the Marines, cults, religions; the ego as opposed to certain organizational structures; Strieber vs. Greer; spiritual traditions and the relation to otherworldly visitors; tragedy, destruction, and suffering – and spiritual growth; ‘we are individuals’; ego as obstacle, ego as mechanism; Strieber’s short story ‘Pain’; the intersection between life and death, death perceived from the viewpoint of life, the erotic; the limit-experience

Odd Australian bookstores, The Zelator by D. Ovason; commitment to consciousness meaning all karmic bills come due; decision-making from outside of life or early in life to endure hardship; attacks at bars and persecutions; human race burning in the crucible of total suffering; collective memory; shared consciousness, love; avoiding the social as it is currently constituted

World-historical outcomes, global demographic change; O tempora O mores; the moment of maximum suffering; the fruits of meditation; life looking after itself; love and its problems; the crazy uncle and the thousand crazy uncles of the mind; Albert Speer’s battle with truth; the agonies of need vs. want

Recorded Jun 20 2015


Jun 20a 2015

Thrown out of Pompeii; being drunkenly discreet; cobblestones inducing drunkenness; otherworldly pathways; abortive piss into Vesuvius, old Japanese women; anger-causing beauty

Ethnicity and intelligence; epigenetics and environment; change of appearance over generations; the Blonds/Nordics; political discourse, its inability to handle genetics; capitalism and the cultivation of attractiveness; peak physical attractiveness at the cusp of extinction

The future, intimations of doom; meditation and remote viewing exercises; predictions: population decline, abandoned infrastructure; experimenting with remote viewing: white noise; viewing by date range; September 2015, October 2016-December 2017; the degree to which conscious/unconscious intention affects vision; the nature of the future; whether the future is another present; no shortage of future predictions online, very little success; the prophecies of the aliens/visitors; questionable timeslips

Whether there is even a ‘now’; Time mapped according to primitive geometrical schema; the ‘now’ a system of deferral; whether the present is a socially-constructed/subjective category; Ouspensky, Nicoll; the category of change; mystical experiences as experiences of different temporality; time as quanta; topology; the ‘now’ as a frame on a film reel

Time, consciousness, and self-awareness in spiritual traditions; mental schema and concepts of time derived from human reason, even in spiritual traditions; spiritual traditions as social enterprises; the example of Buddhism; the practitioner as a black box vs. proof at level of transmission; transmission in other social spheres, e.g. psychoanalysis, musical performance; the biological dimension of transmission; linguistic transformation; Doctor Who; mathematics

Different bodies detectable to those who have developed them; Buddha vs. Budd; direct sensory confirmation in transmission; whether enlightenment would produce more cultural effects; wisdom vs. ‘enlightenment’; sidhes; the supernatural entering the natural world as a site of rupture; localized, isolated instances; Buddhism as vast laboratory of the supernatural vs. the engagement of a few; magnification of events in the social sphere

Widespread engagement with the supernatural; non-integration of the anomalous into the social, its remaining private; a new theory of contact: the social as a more complex sphere of cognition, the social being fundamental and preceding the private, and the anomalous as attempt to give the human being private experience for the first time: the failure of ‘reality-testing’ and the frustration of social validation; the anomalous as the start of human individuation

Recorded Jun 20 2015


Jun 12b 2015 – Whitley Strieber series

Strieber’s 70th birthday; possible damage done to credibility from Unknown Country; arc of Strieber’s career; lack of stakes in late career and in participation in subculture; absence of intelligent engagement with Strieber’s work; the economics of participation; personal importance of wealth; the question of the two cabins; the retreat to the condo; criticisms of Strieber’s later fiction; Strieber leaving the Gurdjieff group; book sales; Communion vs. Transformation; the South Park theory; Kripal, limits of his interpretations; Kripal, Conroy as sympathetic; The Secret School as a complete childhood account

Chicken and egg: Strieber’s experiences and same material in scientific journals, &c.; Nazi influence in the US; speculations advanced as assertions, statements of fact; vision of the destruction of Washington, DC

Strieber as instrument vs. self-perception; natural tendency to resist any idea one is not in control; how useful Strieber’s accounts are; whether there was a ‘true encounter’; the bookends of Strieber’s career; The Key as vindicating scenario; the strength of Strieber’s work being its greatest weakness; the function of vividness in Strieber’s accounts

Recorded Jun 12 2015


Jun 12a 2015

Cheap Asian beer, despair: decline and recovery and the US; rejuvenation and the unrecognizable; measuring decline; free energy devices and wildcard scenarios; the Disclosure Project; the character of everyday life vs. jubilation and mastery; the biological substratum of political/social liberation; euphoria in populations; whether disclosure is worthwhile; disclosure project vs. disclosure movement; question of gains made by disclosure project; the decline of disclosure and its failure to materialize; the conditions for collective responses

Demographics of multi-generational cover-ups; Greer, Mormons, Catholics; the US military and the results of Vietnam: officers drinking the Kool-Aid, sociopaths among enlisted; the control of the cover-up ultimately in the hands of those who implement it; perhaps no one in control; institutional differences in armed forces; issues with Greer: self-aggrandisement, &c.

The visitors and the State, bypassing the State in favor of subcultures, individuals; the Space Brothers scenario; ‘we are the aliens to them’, life itself being alien in general; the course of future development, Roswell as false accident; breadth of alien intelligence; knowing us better than we know ourselves

Recorded Jun 12 2015


Jun 05c 2015

Multiculturalism and its motives; unexpected results; historical disenfranchisement in US among US blacks; Europe seeding itself with foreign populations; economic collapses ending welfare states; public discourse and internal policing; political paradigms; public discourse and the threat of violence; a European inferiority complex, imperial guilt; Hitler’s revenge

Global conveyor belt of populations; cultural life and innovation; stand-up comedy; variety of forces producing new forms; cultural forms as lifeforms; the US developing new negative forms

Bruce Jenner; gay marriage; public acceptance, enlightened stance vs. herd mentality; transhumanism; sexual taboos; homosexuality as construct; Mexican prisons; nature vs. nuture already belonging to a scientific materialist discourse; Bruce Jenner triumph of scientific technology, body-as-machine; sex as matter in motion; society patting itself on the back for being so tolerant; the culture reorganizing its taboo, yet viewing itself in Church of Progress

Russia and homophobic culture; the strictures of public discourse; racism vs. bigotry; the causes of bigotry vs. the morality of bigotry; microexpressions, body language, information deficits; the inscrutable Chinaman; distrust and fear at bottom of ‘racial’ experience; sexual differentiation, gender as result of training; high context vs. low context linguistics

Politically progressive racial politics as weapon; the view of American racial politics from outside; Americans living in closed universe

Recorded Jun 05 2015


Jun 05b 2015

Psychology of secrecy and the ‘elect’; the special relationship between UK and US; the Five Eyes countries; the Holy of Holies; social structure based on central repression; psychology of threat; basis for international uniformity in secrecy; developing countries not pushing for disclosure; the Russian ‘slip’; the national interest and its lack of force; personal identity and intelligence work, life’s adventure; the satisfactions of law enforcement; secrecy as mystical experience

Operating in total paranoia; the war of all against all; the unspeakable truth of power; universality of state paranoia; factions in governments; unlikelihood of officials having intelligence needed to grapple with issue; Greer on Colby; China’s perspective on American secrecy; national interest as a middle-class concept; governments operating with no legitimacy; interrelations between governments; energy and necessity, the Chinese middle class; Russia and its oligarchy; monitoring China, Russia, buying people; NSA and its worst fears; Tony Blair and fifty million, the Rockefeller visit to the Clintons

Contactees a priori regarded as Manchurian candidates; the warfare mindset, feelings of duty; harassment of contactees; human horrors on grand scale resulting from failure to handle contact; the personal toll on Conspirators themselves; bad energies surrounding institutions; America’s coming Weimar moment

The cost of empire; ugliness in the UK, Jimmy Savile and the political class; moral teleology in History; the tribal heart still beating; multiculturalism; a de Gaulle for America; who empire is undertaken for; global reserve currency

Mack’s trip to Zimbabwe; environmental collapse; corporate sovereignty; ‘superimperialism’, the Nixon shock, paper promises-to-pay; justice in History; JFK assassination leading to Vietnam leading to Nixon shock; LBJ/Hoover counter-conspiracy; the lone nut image replacing the pro-Cuban Castro image

Chances of an American renaissance; other countries emerging out of destruction; cultural vibrancy; new cultural forms vs. new content in old forms; American innovation in the direction of horror; today’s Internet as corporate media experience; the disappearance of forums; the public sphere moving online at the same time the online space becomes corporation-controlled

The moral and the causal; the absence of positive trends; immigrant populations; social cohesion and social trust; multiculturalism in Europe when prosperity evaporates; painting white families black and black families white; the coming apartheid

Recorded Jun 05 2015


Jun 05a 2015

‘Roswell slides’: dysfunction in UFO community; basic lack of due diligence, latching onto stories; Strieber and principle of least action as explanation; stories driven into undecidable dead-ends; recognition of nuts-and-bolts reality always thwarted, social/political response never forms; Kuhn, paradigms, and treatment of anomalies; the gesture of debunking, its own satisfaction; the social problem of science; faction, insider/outsider; lurching between extremes the result of social dimension; Paul Kimball, stick up ass; thesis-antithesis-synthesis; Strieber putting issue ‘to bed’; the value of opinions on anatomy made on photo evidence; Strieber and obfuscation in Journal

Behind the scenes reasons for dysfunction; collective mobilization of opinion never occurs; clandestine control/influence; induced dysfunction becoming normalized, traditional; quality of people in UFO world; social fragmentation; psychological warfare and its extent; collective vs. individual as fulcrum; confusion of individual perception; Mac Tonnies and arbitrary theses; the sociology/history of civic organizations in the US; past UFO groups and civic groups in general; focus moving from collective to individual owing to success over former; MILABs; gaslighting

Disclosure project, its lack of effect; culture of narcissism, collapse of the societal, bowling alone; US historical context, WWII, groupmindedness; assassinations of the ’60s; heads getting cut off movements ending movements; counter-culture as response; the function of the caricature; leftism as a real-world project vs. leftist religion; military intelligence as example; Watergate as fairytale left tells to itself; today’s left as club only interested in organizing itself, leaders as functionaries; UFO world only organizing itself; absence of groups interested in openly bypassing government; Strieber and democratizing contact

Greer and disclosure; promises and scenarios; the emotion of expectation; varieties in response worldwide; disclosure movement as shibboleth; UFO interest in the mainstream, economics; UFOs and breeding huskies; total denial of social significance; unstoppable decline in future unless phenomenon speaks; social change through collapse; expecting disclosure in the midst of total corruption; the historical context of any disclosure dominating its form; coming collapses; the psychology of those in the Conspiracy, institutional mentality

Recorded Jun 05 2015