Feb 24 2018

Contact/disclosure producing a Copernican event, decentering Mankind; the range of possible contact/disclosure scenarios; mankind’s origins, confronting a demiurge; essential vs. cultural changes; religious impulse: UFO cults, Strieber, prayer-as-petition; transhumanism, transgenderism, scientism, the internet as steps toward the Grays; scales of evolution, comprehensibility; impossibility of contact at certain scales; contact a crisis for humanism; contact as natural disaster

Consciousness as wild card in contact; podcasts as oral history; mental contact with UFOs; ‘knowing’; telepathy in contact accounts; separating consciousness from metaphysical and mechanistic descriptions; daily phenomenology of consciousness as blind-spot; feeling of being watched; consciousness as events of knowing; identical twins separated at birth; genetic affinity, physical bases for events of knowing; reincarnation stories; sightings, dreams as sensory modalities of knowing; the Grays as identical ‘twins’; disruptions caused by contact with the ‘knowing’

Leibniz pre-established harmony, identity of indiscernibles; one-electron universe; H. Moltke’s final philosophical position: thought has extension; spatio-temporality of thought, geometrical perception underlying logic; weaknesses of dualism present in all causal accounts; events of ‘knowing’ being non-causal; thinking as essentially causal method; Nagarjuna and non-existence of causality; concepts organizing experience; Stephen Mumford, causality as God; refuting causality at the level of thought vs. experience; disruptions beyond thinking

Parmenides, Heraclitus, complementary perspectives; eternalism, presentism; antinomies as products of thought; antinomies generated by spatial perception, handedness; no way to arrive at sense of sight, experience of senses through thought; what thinking looks like for those engaged in ‘knowing’; the Grays’ inability to understand clocks; human culture as response to fundamental limitations, e.g. what others are thinking; limitations inherited from evolutionary biology; different biologies producing different unknowns, different cultural forms

Known unknowns and the inability to conceptualize other senses; ‘Knowing’ in human populations, inability to conceptualize ‘knowing’, overlap between ‘knowing’ and thinking; thinking as subsidiary enterprise; psychoanalysis and the unconscious; self-consciousness always already a response to social limitations, philosophical introspection as species thereof; phenomenological experience of the individual already socialized, organized; romanticizing individuality

Impossibility of comparing species; biologies constituting separate universes; superior vs. different; aspirational context framing discussions of contact; philosophy as confrontation with unknown, unknowable; confusing greater abilities with omnipotence; the ‘Dune’ series; shifting the locus of thought, ‘knowing’ from the biological individual; precognition as result of affinities with environment, others; underdetermination, overdetermination; sky’s the limit for speculation

Recorded February 21, 24 2018


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