Jun 09 2017 – Whitley Strieber series: Reaction to “Problems with Strieber and The Key”

Whitley Strieber, Jeremy Vaeni, bad faith; criticizing Strieber equaling anti-Semitic neo-Nazism; daring to question the Great Man; bad experiences with Strieber; Strieber’s Journal “Attacks on The Key”; Strieber’s self-parodizing; Strieber as omnisicient; Robert M. Price, Bible Geek’s take on “The Key”

The Master of the Key’s delivery; speaking at the speed of thought; the ‘true encounter’ as a mental event, as imagination; Strieber’s Blue Book; Strieber, Vaeni bellyaching and hypocrisy at UFO world existing as ghetto; investment in Strieber as authority; Strieber and Vaeni discouraging followers from reading paper; soft religion at Unknowncountry.com

Strieber’s narcissism; self-creation of Strieber as unique figure in world history; invention of personal mythos; Strieber’s self-serving ‘tells’ in writing; passing over self-serving statements in silence

Strieber profoundly unaware of his own work; Strieber as author as separate persona; dubious background of “The Path”; imagination as distinct cognitive mode; imagination marked by multiple orientations to ‘events’; Strieber taking from Ouspensky; Strieber’s Joseph Stein story; Strieber’s capacity for dissembling, mental flexibility; Strieber’s multiple versions of the ‘true encounter’

Reading for entertainment vs. reading critically; Vaeni and unknowncountry.com as enablers; ad hominems, arguments to authority; simultaneously claiming a hyperdimensional encounter and a word-for-word transcription; Strieber backpedaling, saying never made truth-claims about the encounter

Jeremy Vaeni, UFO jihadi: hypnosis, Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs; scorched earth on other frauds, refusal to see Strieber as confabulator; censorship of “The Key” saga as nonsense; Vaeni, absence of integrity; unknowncountry.com as ghetto within the UFO ghetto; victimhood cult in UFOlogy, unknowncountry.com; taking the time to untangle Strieber’s confusions

The quiet blessing of Strieber’s marginalization; Strieber in a disclosure scenario; separating UFO issue from one person’s BS; taking Strieber’s texts as texts; lack of critical academic work on Strieber; Kripal taking themes from Strieber

Strieber’s disingenuous defense; tying criticisms of Strieber to holocaust denial; Jeff Rense; the hypocrisy of the outcasts; cumulative argument in “Problems with Strieber and The Key”; Strieber rooting the text in an actual event, denying it later; Strieber having it both ways, advocating multiple positions as caveats to avoid criticism

Underlying contempt for his readership; the fantasy of being righteous crusaders, victims in a cause; Strieber’s paranoia; Strieber’s fantasies of Nazi diplomats; the question of Strieber’s real experiences; “The Conversation” as a text; the lack of natural reaction of the “Whitley” character in “The Conversation”

Strieber nearing the end of his career; now an authority on the afterlife; channeling Anne Strieber using his own words, concepts; neither belief nor debunking but pointing out human BS

Recorded Jun 09 2017


Strieber’s absurd defense with comments by his fans: (Comments by paper’s author all subsequently removed by Strieber or webmaster)


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