Nov 27 2015

Impending doom and personal despair; the freak show and the missing ideal; dropping IQs in France; failure of collective response to political problems; omnipresence of stupidity; WW3 and Syria; propaganda on all sides; Notes from a Dying Planet video diary; ISIS as exciting invitation for genocide; ISIS conquering the world, wild ambition to be saluted; climate change

Climate science and its motivation; population reduction, eating insects, bunkbeds; why climate change is even discussed; ‘The Key’ and rapid climate change, global reset mechanism; computer models and assumptions; ‘climate denial’; past warnings: Manhattan underwater by 2010, global cooling; climate mania vs. Jim Sparks’ slow destruction of climate; abductee literature and repeated warnings

Another Key-like scenario: Atlantis being real; being followed by government forces; NYC underwater; the relationship of the ‘visitors’ to Time; possibilities experienced as realities; a greater domain of the Now; an abductee told to be ready who died; visions given by visitors that do not occur; outright deception as possibility

The absence of any absolute Now-point; brain function, relativity; the Now as point vs. overlapping future and past time-cones; disaster scenarios sparking knowledge of mortality, triggering evolutionary change; the burdens of expecting the world to end; disaster scenarios pleasing to everybody

Living a peaceful life vs. spiritual development; aging, energy, and creativity; organs starting to fail at thirty; physical change driving creativity; the writing of 20 year olds vs 50 year olds; Casanova and the wisdom of old women

Patterns of enlightenment, artistic production; youth and old derivative material; Gurdjieff work, the subjective sense of Time; the amount of newness to experience; the benefits of travel; hard drugs vs. deadening of experience

Putting yourself in disastrous situations to gain stimulation; daily life vs. artificial organized spiritual practice; customer service jobs and MLK, Jr.; releasing patterns in certain enlightenment traditions

The future: cubicle slave or zombie apocalypse

Recorded Nov 27 2015

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