Aug 03 2015

Skype issues, lousy wine, Buddhist podcasts; Daniel Ingram, arhat; rediscovering the tradition; practical and actual Buddhism; how the West has absorbed Buddhism: religious and ritual-oriented vs. convert counter-cultural Buddhism; the new mainstream: meditation for stress reduction, increasing productivity; Science and its one-sided relation to Buddhist tradition; cultural mixing as clusterfuck

Contrasting Buddhism’s spread with Christianity’s spread; Buddhism meeting the New Age culture, laboratory science; submitting Science and Buddhism to scrutiny; thinking is not mainstream; academic philosophy, modern art, jazz music; the question of the audience; when a tradition becomes self-reflexive

Early Buddhism and relative degrees of corruption; philosophical developments in later tradition; increases in obscurity over time; comparisons to Western tradition

Buddhism of Bhutan, Drupka Kunley; the ‘thunderbolt of flaming wisdom’; crazy wisdom; the 84 Mahasiddhas; Shambhala Buddhism, Chögyam Trungpa

Buddhism as template for Christianity; Buddhist missionaries, colony in Alexandria, Egypt; Michael Roach, Thomas Merton; Buddhist parallels to Sermon on the Mount; asceticism as social development; early Greek philosophers meeting gymnosophists; Indian milieu of early Buddhism; problems with historical Buddha, Jesus; separate origination vs. cultural diffusion; the need to keep academic disciplines separate; belief in historical Jesus sustained by academics formerly or presently Christian; Bart Ehrman and the limits of paradigm

Buddhism’s pragmatic experimentalism; Buddhism as science; Buddhism’s non-theism; members of other religions encountering Buddhist/meditative practice; avoiding distortion

Recorded Aug 03 2015

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