Aug 01 2015

Meditation, truth pursuits, and loneliness; rejoining the Gurdjieff group; compartmentalization in everyday life; experience as shared experience; the dangers of isolation in meditation as lifestyle; lessons learned in their own time; human life social by definition; loneliness outside of everyday experience; experiences formed and thoughts conceived always in relation to some Other; suffering in silence; toxicity and poison, hatred and malice; nightmares, when suffering has nowhere to go

The Fix Magazine; reasons for addiction, experiments with rats; lack of stimulation compensated for; the war on drugs and decriminalization; the meaning of terror: the last bottle empty; tension and lack of sympathy

War as basic mode of human relating; thoughts and feeling calculated by cost in social games; lack of fellow feeling as basis; confusing being emotional with being emotionally connected with others; ‘Don’t bite my finger, look where I’m pointing’

An explanation for Strieber: failure to produce unambiguous evidence earlier in his career meant only apparent honesty and earnestness grounds to accept his information; this itself being an inducement/encouragement to evolve in the direction of more efficient group communication

The nature of human populations, whether they lie and hallucinate to such an extent that no testimony can be accepted; violence done to abductees; the internet skepticism movement, its violence; disdain for ordinary people, the satisfaction of perceived superiority The intensification of fight-and-fuck as human beings near the end; the strep throat anecdote: feelings not possible in given social combinatorial matrix, loneliness, dukkha

The early history of Buddhism, the question of original meaning; educated instincts; Greco-Buddhism and the Greek toga vs. Buddhist robe; Western civilization vs. Indo-European civilization; ancient Greeks in Egypt and Buddhist interest in ancient Egypt; Buddhist missionaries, monks in Egypt; Christianity’s debt to Buddhism; assumptions about the historical Jesus, Buddha; problems with translations vs. adherence to tradition

‘Jayarava’s Raves’ blog, ‘Form is emptiness’ as corruption; French post-structuralist attentiveness to language; language reflective of a living mind; the error of History; Paul Veyne and belief in antiquity; the transformation of religion by writing ca. 100 BC; the creation of holy texts, believed as they are created; the midrash form of exegesis

Disruptive potential of true history revealed; abductees given different mythologies; lesbians with strap-ons and professional ‘searchers’; observance of Buddhist teaching among self-described Buddhists; secular skeptical Buddhists; British intellectual chauvinism against the French, French against the Americans; cartoonish Anglo-American reaction to French philosophy

Personal resistance to other traditions; violence against the Other; affinities between Buddhism and post-structuralism: dependence on ‘causes and conditions’ and lack of inherent existence parallel to post-structuralism: structure as differential system with spatial and temporal dimensions, no ‘outside to the text’

The ISAAC/CARET material: how the CARET material could work as language; the signifier and the (cognitive) signified

Recorded Aug 01 2015

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