Jun 27b 2015

Customer service success stories: raccoons, hostages, sores, Keanu Reeves; putting homosexuals on the moon; defecation on a dare; the nature of people and of the world; obese albinos, Abe Lincoln in drag; midgets in wheelchairs stealing food; pregnant women wandering barefoot and bewildered; the Monkees and the Gays; hot dog phobias; sex advice to kids; chronicles of such events

Cascading craziness, writing books; the American question; innovating depravity; Lord Niripo and the Vietnam War, Monkubot; hypnotherapists wearing oven mitts; Russian nephews; the aliens show up; fleeing the country, the bucket being full, writing

The Crowley book, the marketplace; literary violence; ‘Failures of God’: orangutans trained as prostitutes; the Internet, disinfo.com, academic literature; academic conferences; tactical repositionings; bad academics and social practice: insider/outsider, mimicry and mirroring; the professionalization of philosophy, the economics thereof; the problem of institutions; social change and the analogy of erosion; the desire to lead as symptom

The number of angry people; waiting for collapse; minimal energy expenditure; History and the new; protests allowed precisely because they are not threat; what catalyzes social uprisings; people dying in snowstorms; collective delusion and the truth amid the general falsehood; concision as enemy of truth; alienation vs. abandonment and the lumpenproletariat; political quietism; the swayable; protecting against revolution a tacit acknowledgment of its possibility

Recorded Jun 27 2015



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